Podhodit — site support service.

Podhodit is a service of website support. Technical support, maintenance, revision, and administration of the website.


Laboratory of new amazing experience

Care service

We provide a stable work of the website
We solve regular tasks and consult
We update and introduce new functions
We raise conversions and sales

We quickly find and correct mistakes made by developers. And restore the site in case of technical errors. We carry out automatic monitoring of the site’s performance.

We update the content management system regularly. In the process of cooperation, our specialists advise you on all emerging issues, if necessary.

We expand the functionality of the website by adding new modules. We conduct a preliminary audit of the site.

After improvements, the website looks the way you like. Due to the elimination of errors and modernization of the website, its conversion increases, and sales of your business raise.



"Website's improvement" - everyone defines it in their own way

Often the website revision is understood as one type of work with it ( improving the functionality, changing the look, eliminating errors). In fact, this concept includes a lot of tasks.

Functional innovations.

Creating new sections, adding new functions, changing the structure of the database – all these are functional improvements of the website. Each of these innovations leads to improving the project and expanding the possibilities of working with it.

Technical improvements.

It may not affect the appearance or function of the site. Technical revision includes correcting errors made by developers, removing “broken” links of the site, transferring the project to a new hosting or domain.


Website redesign.

It includes different changes to the website design (logo, buttons and menu, banners), adding new graphic elements (slide show, etc.), creating the design for new services (menu, pages, forms).  Changes in the design may be due to changing the direction of the company, corporate identity changing, outdating the type of the project, and the necessity of adding new functions that can’t be placed to the old design.


The expediency of maintaining the website

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The quality of the website affects the business performance of the company.

500 000
websites developed in Ukraine

But for some reason, the money invested in their creation, promotion, and advertising doesn't return to all owners of Internet resources.

Who achieves the setting goals?

Those who take care of the stable working process of a web project. Who provides functional development of the website and constant updating of the information on the website, entrusts this process to professionals. We replace an entire department of your company, that costs more than $ 500 per month.

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We create new opportunities

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We analyze the convenience of using, the effectiveness of a website structure, the quality of the visual component. Based on the analysis performed, we recommend and implement improvements.


We implement new original services and technologies. Due to such innovations, your site grabs the attention of users.


We design and create any content. As a result, a beautifully and originally “packaged” site gets the sympathy of users easily.

I want to change

Why do you need to upgrade your website?


We combined strategy, design, and system marketing to ensure that your website and your business would develop and bring you the desired results.

For stable work of a website
For functional flexibility
To improve ranking

The slowdown in the loading speed of your site in browsers due to errors in the writing of the program code disrupts the normal operation of the web resource on the network. Our responsible administrator can solve technical problems of any complexity.

A website should be convenient and useful to generate income. The developer of our Studio is engaged in the competent implementation of new useful modules.

Any site with a poor HTML layout will rank poorly. An experienced layout designer at First Ukrainian Studio will help to improve the position of your site in search results by eliminating technical problems.


In what cases an administration of a website is necessary?


Website administration is necessary for established companies with a large volume of tasks and for young businesses in these cases:

You already have a contractor and everything suits you

  • Do you want to find the hidden potential of your online resource?
  • Interested in getting the maximum number of services at an affordable price?
  • Want to win the hearts and wallets of your future and current customers?

You already have a contractor, but he shows bad results

  • Need help from professionals who you can trust?
  • Is complying with terms and conditions important for you?
  • Do you appreciate the high quality of work?

You don't have a contractor

  • Looking for a responsible website support assistant?
  • Do you want to order services at competitive prices with a high-quality guarantee?
  • Are you expecting a comfortable service when processing applications and solving your problems?

Who will provide a qualitative technical website support to me?


Let us introduce ourselves.

We are the studio that is not only professionally engaged in the creation of sites, but also their support. For this, a special independent division has been created in our company, which is engaged in ensuring the life and stability of your website.

Full-fledged outsourcing of sites is provided by a whole team of specialists who work with sites of any complexity on such management systems as WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, OpenCart, UMI.CMS.




Formats your business may need:

CMS changing

Changing a working CMS from one to another is one of the most serious website development services. Our strategist will show you the correct way to develop an online project, after which the developer will implement a new technical solution.


An adaptation of a website for mobile devices is not always easy. A specific CMS requires performing serious work to adapt a template.

Design improvements

Includes an elaboration of the design of icons, logo, banner, page. Our designer is engaged in the development of graphic materials.


Technical, external, and internal site optimization (preparing a site for SEO, speeding up work with a site, installing an SSL certificate, transferring a site to HTTPS, analyzing a website, finding faults and errors) helps to increase the audience of visitors and users of an online resource.


With the development of cloud technologies and third-party services, performing integrational works becomes necessary.


Innovational approach of the Podhodit

Provide a personal manager to each customer

Form a system for monitoring applications and quality of service

Improve a website functionality

Ensure website bug fixing

Update a content management system regularly

Use unspent hours from a tariff plan for website improvements

Monitoring website state automatically


Our customers