Podhodit — site support service.

Services and prices

Type of the task Terms of work performancePrice
«STANDARD»20 hours5000$
«EXPRESS»15 minutes90000$

General technical questions:

must have

Site transition to HTTPS protocol

Do you need to protect your visitors from personal data theft and help your site get to the TOP? Ensure privacy to users with an HTTPS connection. We will install an SSL certificate and organize the correct website migration from HTTP to HTTPS without losing positions and traffic.
from 15000 hryvnias

Transferring the website to another domain

Do you want to transfer your website from one domain to another without losing traffic and positions in the search results? We will carry out this procedure for websites on WordPress, Bitrix, UMI, OpenCart, including traffic maintain and weight link.

Transferring the website from one hosting to another

Decided to change your hosting provider? Need to transfer your website to HTML or from CMS to a new hosting? There's no desire to do it by yourself? We are helping to move the website to another hosting and to make all necessary settings.

Recovering a website after hacking, treating a site from viruses

Has your website been hacked or malicious code installed? We will organize the fastest possible restoration of normal website performance after hacking. We will detect and eliminate vulnerabilities or other reasons that led to the hacking of a site on WordPress, Bitrix, etc.

Technical audit of the website


must have

Optimizing website speed, speeding up loading

Slow website loading, more than 3 seconds, affects its conversion, bounce rate, ranking in search engines, and cost per click in contextual advertising negatively. We will assess the loading speed of your site and optimize its work, focusing on Google PageSpeed.
from 5 hrivnas
must have

Responsive design, website optimization for mobile devices

Google announced a new approach to indexing and ranking sites a long time ago. It calls Mobile-First Indexing and looks at you through the eyes of a mobile browser. The priority in search results is given to sites optimized for mobile devices! Is your site mobile-friendly?

Technical SEO website optimization

Got a technical audit and recommendations from SEO specialists? Don't know what to do with it? We will carry out technical optimization work. We will carry out a full range of measures to adjust the technical aspects of your site. Improving its interaction with search engine robots is guaranteed!

Protecting your feedback form from spam

Is your email full of annoying spam messages? Need to protect your website from spam in the feedback form? Activate the fight against spam in contact forms! We protect website forms on WordPress, Bitrix, UMI, OpenCart.

Website integration with 1C

Integration of delivery services on the website

Creation of multilingual or multiple language versions on the website

Other questions:

Installing an online consultant on the website

Connecting Google map on the website