Podhodit — site support service.


General questions

What does the website maintenance include and what does it consist of?

Maintenance of the website consists of the implementation of a set of works aimed at constantly maintaining the operability of the resource. You can order the services from any specialist – administrator, strategist, internet marketer, developer, layout designer, designer, copywriter, content manager.

Support can be technical and informational.

Technical support of the website include solving of following tasks:

  • Correction of emerging errors.
  • Installing, configuring, and updating of CMS.
  • Domain and hosting payments control.
  • Code and speed audit.
  • Website control for viruses.

        Informational support includes:

  • Filling the website with content.
  • Pages layout corrections.
  • Developing a new element (filter, calculator, sorting of goods, etc.).
  • Adding/deleting of partitions.
  • Festive design, improving elements.

Also, support includes the performance of one-time work (transferring a website to another hosting, writing texts for posting on a web resource, etc.).

Does the tariff plan include a fixed set of services?

We offer three tariff plans (Standard, Improved, Unique). Each of them includes a fixed set of services:

  • Standard – 7 services.
  • Improved – 14 services.
  • Unique – more than 20 services.
Is the development of additional functionality included in the support?

Yes. Support service includes any type of working on project improvements. Also, it includes the creation of new functions.


What CMS (engines) are you working with?

We provide support for websites developed on the popular management systems 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS, WordPress, and OpenCart.

How much does the website revision cost?

The cost of the website improvement is calculated individually because it depends on the amount of work on a specific project and the hours spent by specialists on the implementation of the project.

Do you conclude the website improvement agreement?

Yes. When ordering a website improvement service from us, we conclude an official contract with you, where the cost and timing of the tasks are specified.

Price and payment

We paid for 50 hours according to the chosen tariff plan, but only 30 hours were used for a month. Do the remained hours run out

No. If at the end of the month unused hours were left, we use them to improve your website.

Which indicators can influent the cost of services?

The cost of services is depending on the scope of the project and on the number of hours that our specialists spent on your project. At the same time, the final cost is influenced by the type of task: for tasks with a preliminary estimate, the cost is calculated based on the total number of hours estimated by specialists, and for tasks without a preliminary estimate, based on the actual number of hours spent. 

Does the terms of reference development included to the cost of services?

No. Terms of reference preparation is not included in the total cost of services, therefore it should be paid separately.

Is it possible to change the formulation of a task cost of which has already been confirmed?

No. After the task has been confirmed by you, it is impossible to change its price. If you want to change the formulation of the problem, you must reevaluate it or put a new one in addition to the existing one.


What kind of reports about finished tasks do you provide?

At the beginning of every reporting period (month), you get a detailed report about the work of the previous month. The report includes finished tasks. We provide special documents about it. Information about unfinished tasks would be provided at the end of its completion.


Setting of the tasks

How to apply for the order?

You can visit the section “Way of working” and see the algorithm of our actions.

 We accept tasks for work on any communication channel convenient for you:

  • Use your personal account. You need to enter there tap the “Add a task” and fill in the form.
  • Use our e-mail: office@webstudio.biz.
  • Use our phone number 096 444 99 10, when you need to discuss the task.
Do you start working with the project right away or making an analyzis at first?

We start performing tasks immediately in technical support mode or after an audit. In the first case, a personal manager provides you with personal access to the system for setting and controlling tasks, and after agreeing on them, specialists begin to perform work. Preliminary diagnostics of the site is carried out if significant modifications of the project are expected.


How much would my task cost?

The cost of the task is depending on the type of it.

When the task has a preliminary estimate, each of the specialists involved in its implementation estimates the time he spent on it. The personal manager informs you about the final cost that is calculating based on a general assessment of the time of all specialists. It is multiplying by the cost of a standard hour and the coefficient of the urgency. If the price suits you, tap the link “Confirm”. After that, the payment for the service and formulation of the task is fixing. And the working process starts.

When we talk about the task without a preliminary estimate, it’s cost forming based on the current time. The time spent by specialists on the task is taking into account. In this case, the formulation of the task might change in the working process.