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OpenCart website improvement:
we will make your product convenient, trendy, and effective

We involve competent specialists in OpenCart website development, we carry out work taking into account customer's requirements, we comply with clear deadlines. We help your website to work stably and provide you with a high sales level.

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Who is this service for?

For young online shops

Your young company has recently started the way in e-commerce and needs an online store that works without errors.

For online shops that need modernization

You have been working in the market for several years already, and due to some changes in the activities of your company, you need to update the appearance of your online store.

For online shops that require enlarging of functionality

The functionality of your online shop needs improvements to make the project better and to raise it to a new level.
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In what cases it is worth to order the modernization of the website on OpenCart?

If the OpenCart website is done badly, there is no sense in the modernization of it.
In other cases, the refinement would help.

Reasons for OpenCaert website improvement

The requirements for the website's function have changed, new management systems or web design trends appeared.
Your company's products or sales have changed.
As a result, the information on the site becomes outdated, and it loses its relevance and usefulness.

What approach to OpenCart website maintenance do we use?

We start maintaining an OpenCart website in technical support mode immediately or after an audit. In the first case, a personal manager provides you with personal access to the system for setting and controlling tasks, and after agreeing on them, the specialists begin to work. Preliminary diagnostics of the site is carried out if significant modifications of the project are expected.

Why it is worth ordering the administration of the OpenCart website?

The introduction of new functions, regular revisions of the project, the addition of new sections, OpenCart website optimization provide to your business successful development. The advantages of ordering a service from us include:

Assigning a personal manager to your project
Service quality control system
Guarantee of correcting errors on the website
Regular updating of the content management system
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What does the OpenCart website maintenance provide?

With the support of specialists, the OpenCart website becomes more convenient in use, works faster, and rises in the ranking of search results. Due to the completed improvements, you get a customer-friendly online store that is efficient in management.

How we are going to work with you?

We meet the team and analyze the project
At first, we meet you and study the OpenCart CMS website that requires improvements.
We agree on the terms of reference
We clarify the details and agree with you the terms of reference with the tasks specified in it, the timing, and the cost of our work.
We carrying out basic work
We install the OpenCart, set up, russify, change the hosting, optimize.
We refresh the design
We develop a new design, complete the dropping-down menu, make up the available layouts.
We implement the ordering
We design all the ordering steps on one page.
We modernize delivery and payment
We install, set, complete the final decisions.
We work on usability and SEO
We adapt the website for mobiles and analyze it, rewrite texts.
We set up the data processing
We upload to the market, import / export to Excel / Csv / XML, synchronize with 1C.
We testing the project
We create a test version and at each stage of work we test an OpenCart web project to identify errors as quickly as possible.

We are helping to solve the business tasks effectively

We provide a complex of services, due to which your site on OpenCart takes higher positions in the search results. As a result, the conversion of the online store increases, and it brings more profit.


We are striving to expand the convenience of your website on OpenCart within the limits of the opportunities available to us.

Possible to implement
  • Online calculator.

  • Shopping cart.

  • Goods filter.

  • Subscription for newsletters.
  • Website protection from hackers, viruces, etc.

  • Website working capacity monitoring.

We are spending the time remaining of the tariff plan to improve the site

Unused hours from your tariff plan aren’t expiring at the end of the month. They are used for improving the website. We propose to you how to make your project much better.

If you like our offer, we will make your WordPress website so exciting.

We gained experience in these branches

Food industry
Construction and repair
Automotive industry
Light industry
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We are often asked

What does the OpenCart website improvement include?

OpenCart website improvement include:

  • Correction of emerging errors.
  • Viruses elimination and cleaning from danderous code.
  • Installing and setting plugins, widgets.
  • Automation of accounting and business processes, website integration with CRM / ERP.
  • Connecting and configuring templates, themes.
  • A feedback form, sitemap, gallery and other elements creation.
  • Filling the website with goods and articles.
  • SEO optimization and promotion.
  • Connecting an SSL sertificate.
Are you backing up an OpenCart projects?

Yes, to save the data our developers are making a backup of each project. And OpenCart projects from our server, too. We need access to the website for that.

Is giving access from the website to OpenCart for its finalization necessary?

Yes. We will need access at the stage of the task when we estimate the project. Without it, we won't be able to assess the current state of the site.

How much does it cost to customize an OpenCart website?

The price for services of the OpenCart website improvements forms individually considering setting tasks and the number of hours spent on realization.

How to order an OpenCart website imrovements?

To order the revision of a WordPress site, you inform us about the problems that arise and set clear tasks. Then we:

  • We check the real presence of problems on the website by conducting an audit..
  • Create a working plan according to the tasks you set.
  • We estimate the complexity of the work and, based on it, we set the terms for solving problems and the cost of the service.
  • We test the website and its extensions for stable operations, after that we send you the finished result.

We proud of working with companies that strive to stay one step ahead of the market

We have got experience in cooperation with customers from B2B and B2C services branches.

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