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Website refinement on WordPress:
we will make your product convenient, relevant, and effective

We improve WordPress websites to their perfection by taking into account your and user requests and expectations. We make your quality indicators higher. After refinements, your site becomes modern, fast-acting, and in high demand.

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Who is this service for?

For young companies

Your company is only beginning to make its way and needs a stable and easy to administering business card website or information portal.

For companies with changes in a working process

Your online shop (catalog of services and goods) is on the market over the years. And due to some changes in the company's working process, its modernization is required.

For successful development of your blog

You want to develop your blog by editing and publishing the content on it conveniently.
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In what cases ordering WordPress website improvements would be a good idea?

If the HTML code of the WordPress website created using frameworks, it would be impossible to perform each type of improvement. So it would be easier to develop the website over again.
In any other case, the modernization would help you to improve the website.

Reasons for customizing your WordPress website

The requirements for the website's function have changed, new management systems or web design trends appeared.
Your company's products or sales have changed.
As a result, the information on the site becomes outdated, and it loses its relevance and usefulness.

What approach to Wordpress website maintenance do we use?

We start maintaining a WordPress website in technical support mode immediately or after an audit. In the first case, a personal manager provides you with personal access to the system for setting and controlling tasks, and after agreeing on them, the specialists begin to work. Preliminary diagnostics of the site is carried out if significant modifications of the project are expected.

Why it is worth ordering the administration of the WordPress website?

With the proper revision, a WordPress website can take the TOP 3 in Google search results easily. The advantages of ordering a service from us include:

Assigning a personal manager to your project
Service quality control system
Guarantee of correcting errors on the website
Regular updating of the content management system
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What does the WordPress website support provide?

Due to supporting the website on WordPress, its functionality, appearance, and content are improved. This online platform works without outages, goes to the TOP, and attracts more visitors. And the level of your costs spent on promotion would be reduced.

How we are going to work with you?

We meet the team and analyze the project
At first, we meet you and study the WordPress CMS website that requires improvements.
We identify and eliminate the reasons of technical problems
We find the mistakes that could be made while developing the website and correct the errors.
We change and improve the website's modules
The changes concern the display of content, searching, adding information, etc.

We make adjustments to the template
We add the logo to the banner, improve fonts, change the background, etc.
We set up the general structure of the website
The setting affects the display of categories/news,
placement of the content, etc.
We optimize website for search systems
We connect and set plugins, speed up website loading, configure redirects, make code validation.
We upgrade the website functions
We correct the useability by adding new options to the website.
Adapt websites for mobiles
We make an adaptive layout of the site for its correct display on various devices and on any browser.
Testing the project
We create a test version and at each stage of work we test a WordPress web project to identify errors as quickly as possible.

We are helping to solve the business tasks effectively

Before starting work on your project, we think over a personal strategy of improvements for your website. A personal manager leads the project taking into account the goals of your business. Professional WordPress website support allows you to solve the problems of your business effectively.


We strive to enhance the usability of your WordPress site within the capabilities available to us.

Possible to implement
  • Personal account.

  • Calculator.

  • Price lists processing.

  • Developing of a card.
  • Website protection from hackers, viruses, etc.

  • Website effectiveness monitoring.

We are spending the time remaining of the tariff plan to improve the site

Unused hours from your tariff plan aren’t expiring at the end of the month. They are used for improving the website. We propose to you how to make your project much better.

If you like our offer, we will make your WordPress website so exciting.

We gained experience in these branches

Food industry
Construction and repair
Automotive industry
Light industry
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We are often asked

Can I get a consultation from you about the WordPress website improvement?

You may contact your personal manager who will answer all your questions about the modernization of your WordPress project.

Are you backing up your WordPress site?

Yes, to save the data our developers are making a backup of each project. And WordPress projects from our server, too. We need access to the website for that.

I need functionality for which there is no solution, can you do that?

Yes. Our team can create unique, productive, and secure functionality of any complexity according to the rules of a WordPress platform.

How much does it cost to customize a WordPress site?

The price for services of the WordPress website improvements forms individually considering setting tasks and the number of hours spent on realization.

How to order a WordPress website refinement?

To order the revision of a WordPress site, you inform us about the problems that arise and set clear tasks. Then we:

  • We check the real presence of problems on the website by conducting an audit.
  • Create a working plan according to the tasks you set.
  • We estimate the complexity of the work and, based on it, we set the terms for solving problems and the cost of the service.
  • We test the website and its extensions for stable operations, after that we send you the finished result\.
What types of WordPress website customization exist?

Website development on WordPress is divided into different types:

  • Imroving of current errors in platform working process.
  • Making adjustments to the site (removing / moving elements, changing colors and fonts, etc.).
  • Refinement of unfinished solutions.
  • Setting up the general structure of the site.
  • Useability correction, changing and refinement of the website modules, installation and configuration of WordPress./li>
  • Improvement the CSS styles.
  • Pages correction.
  • Adding new items to the menu.
  • New options installation.

We proud of working with companies that strive to stay one step ahead of the market

We have got experience in cooperation with customers from different branches. Such as custom furniture manufacturing, mayonnaise production and trade, sports industry.

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