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We help to optimize the web pages for mobile devices. We are working professionally at each stage, focusing on the tasks set within the customer's budget. We help to make your website user-friendly and bring it to the TOP-10.

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Who is our solution for

For those who are going to launch the website

In case you have your website, but it hasn't been adopted for mobile devices yet.

For those who already own the website

Your website has been around for a long time, but it doesn't have a responsive web design.

For those who interested in promoting business online

At Google's request, all websites must be mobile responsive.
I want to launch the project

You have the website, but there are problems while working with it

82% are not gadgets-friendly.
Only 18% of the websites are mobile-friendly.

In what cases is it worth adapting websites for mobile?

Not mobile-friendly websites are not loading well on gadgets. It affects their conversion negatively.
Interaction with a non-mobile website is hard. It annoys users.
As a result, you are losing customers and sales.

What approach do we use for adaptation to a mobile version of the website?

We don’t start adapting the website for mobile immediately, but after analyzing the project for the feasibility of such a decision. If the need is confirmed, specialists are starting the working process.


Why do you need to order website adaptation for mobile?

If your goal is to raise sales at the expense of customers who make purchases using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ipad), you couldn’t do it without website adaptation. Here are the advantages of this solution: 

The convenience of the site for viewing from a mobile
Improving website ranking in mobile search results
Increase in the number of site visits
Increase in the number of people who would like to make an order
I want to discuss my project

What does the website adaptation for mobile give?

The responsive site becomes available for all types of devices. It is more attractive both for users who are now comfortable browsing the resource from any device and for search engines who rank it higher.


How we are going to work with you

We meet the team and analyze the project
First of all, we study the project and analyze the possibility of adapting the website for mobile.
We plan and design
We are collect background information, researching competitors, defining the target audience, setting goals.
Building a prototype
We discuss the appearance of the website in different screen resolutions, working on the basis of the website.
We carry out the layout and preliminary testing
We are analyzing the reaction of draft blocks to changing window formats, testing options, and choosing the best ones, developing the structure of the Html-code.
Putting together the semantic core
Due to this, we achieve the optimal site structure.
We approve the design
We provide the customer with the best layout options for the selection and approval of a prototype.
We make a prototype
We develop, arrange on a modular grid, and design typography, graphic, and other elements.

Testing the website
We check the correctness of the display of elements, the flexibility of the interface, the usability of the website on mobile devices, and the desktop version.
We correct and finalize the project
If necessary, we make clarifications and corrections.

We are helping to solve business tasks effectively

We competently adapt the site for different types of devices, keeping its functionality in full. As a result, you get a “lighter” site in terms of design and faster in work, which involves customers from mobile devices and brings income from sales.


We are striving to optimally adapt your website for mobiles within the limits of the possibilities available to us, but at the same time, we aren’t working with all types of websites.


Possible to implement
  • adaptation of any website for mobiles, except of some restrictions.
We are not engaged in adaptation for mobile websites
  • with a complex interface with a large number of navigation elements and control elements, a voluminous information component;

  • with numerous tabular data;

  • with many elements that play a key role in the functionality and logic of the website;

  • violating the laws of Ukraine;

  • dedicated to erotics and financial pyramids;

  • distributing unlicenced products.

We gained experience in these branches

Food industry
Construction and repair
Automotive industry
Light industry
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We are often asked

What is responsive layout and responsive website? And why is it needed?

Responsive layout is not a scaled-down version of the website. It is a dynamic adjustment of elements to different screen resolutions. Due to such a layout, the responsive website is displayed correctly on devices of any type, which allows users to get to the desired link easily and doesn't force them to leave the resource.

How to check if a website is mobile friendly?

By opening the website from multiple mobile devices (phones based on Android or IOS, pads based on Android or IOS) or in two clicks using a special Google servicehttps://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

The first variant would allow you to understand how your website is displaying from a human point of view, and the second one - from a machine point of view. Keep in mind that the Google service checks only one web page (the address of which you specify) and gives one of two answers: “Great! The page is optimized for mobile devices "or" Not optimized for mobile devices ".

How to make a mobile friendly website?

If you have a small website (one-page, virtual business card, blog, service website), then the best solution would become an adaptive design. There are several variants here:

  • template - implementing using a script and suitable for small online shops, forums, informational blogs;
  • plugins and themes with adaptive designs - are suitable for WordPress websites and other popular management systems.

If you have a large portal or online store with a huge assortment of goods, so subdomain mobile version would become the best variant for you.

What variant would be better for SEO: responsive website design or mobile version?

If we are talking about a website created from scratch or a small project, it is better to choose a faster and more economical responsive layout. But at the same time, it is advisable to think over the functionality immediately so that in the future it wouldn't be necessary to hide some part of the site from being displayed on mobile screens.

If you have a powerful site that already occupies top positions in the desktop search results, you should choose the mobile version. Despite the fact that it is not great from an SEO standpoint, it allows you to make changes without impacting the desktop.

Which CMS are suitable for adaptation?

There are CMS suitable for mobile device adaptation such as 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, OpenCart, UMI.CMS.

What will my customized website look like?

The basic design of your site will remain the same. Also, the PC version won't change. The adaptation would be visible only for those users who visit the site from mobile devices.

In what ways can you adapt the site?

There are three ways to make the website mobile-friendly:

  1. Responsive design. Suitable for virtual business cards, blogs, landing pages, forums, service websites, online shops with simple structure and design .
  2. A separate template for mobiles on the main domain. Suitable for almost any blog, information website, forum, online shop.
  3. Mobile version on a subdomain. Suitable for online stores, portals, online catalogs, social networks.
How much does it cost to adapt a website for mobile?

The cost of adapting a site for mobile directly depends on the amount of content on it, the complexity of the template, and the time it takes to implement the solution by specialists.

How to order website adaptation for mobile devices?

To order a website adaptation for mobile, you inform us about the existing problems and set clear tasks. After that we:

  • Check the real existence of problems on the website by conducting an audit.
  • Draw up a working plan according to the tasks you set earlier.
  • Estimate the complexity of the work and, based on it, we are setting the terms of solving the problems and the cost of the service.
  • Test the website and its extensions for stable work, after which we send you the final result.

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