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Website integration with payment systems and aggregators

Connecting a payment system to the site. Integration of the site with the selected payment aggregator. We take into account your wishes regarding the method of accepting payments from clients. We automate work with clients as much as possible and simplify the interaction between you and the buyer.

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Who is our solution for?

For online stores targeting retail buyers

If you have an online store where you offer retail goods.

For online stores targeted at wholesale buyers

If you are the owner of an online store that offers wholesale goods.

For any commercial website

An electronic payment system is a necessary element for any modern commercial website.
I want to launch the project

You have a website, but there are problems while working with it

Most buyers find it inconvenient to make purchases of goods or services on websites where there is no opportunity to pay for the order online.
The ability to accept payments from customers through electronic systems or bank cards is an important part of the operation of any online store.

When is it worth integrating an electronic payment system into a website?

Your site is focused on local or worldwide sales.
Your site meets technical and legal requirements, taking into account a selected type of aggregator.
The result of the implementation of electronic payment systems on the site is the simplification of payment for goods or services for the buyer and the secure receipt of payment from a customer for a seller.

What approach to payment systems integration to a website do we use?

We won’t start the implementation of payment systems to a website immediately, but after analyzing the project for the feasibility of such a decision. If the need is confirmed, specialists will start working on your project.

Why is it worth to order an integration of a payment system to a website from us?

Professional implementation of a payment system to a website provides:

Reducing the cost of maintaining an online store
Time economy
Simplifying sales statistics
Profit growth
I want to discuss my project

What does a payment system integration to a website provide?

Due to the integration of the payment system to your website, the purchase process becomes easier and more convenient. As a result, customers would visit your site to make a purchase more often. It helps to increase the number of regular customers and profit.

How we are going to work with you?

We meet the team and analyze the project
At first, we are studying a project and analyzing an opportunity of integration of it with a payment system.
We agree on the terms of reference
We clarify details and agree with you the terms of reference with the tasks, terms, and cost of work prescribed in it.
We register an online store
We create an online store account on the main page of a website.
We activate an account
We activate an online store.
We pass moderation
At this stage, a moderator checks information about the online store.
We connect the CMS module of an online store
We set up automatic acceptance of payments in this way if the functionality of an online store allows.
We integrate a payment system using API
If the functionality of an online store allows us to do this, we set up an automatic acceptance of payments.
We test a project
We check the correctness of a site for accepting online payments.
We are giving you a final result
We give you a website with an integrated payment system.

We are helping to solve business tasks effectively

Integration of payment systems into your website makes the process of paying for goods or services more convenient for customers. It helps to attract new customers and increase your business income.


We strive to integrate a payment system to a website as much qualitatively as possible within capabilities available to us. But at the same time, we don’t work with all projects.

Possible to implement
  • integration of a payment system to a website of any complexity except for a few restrictions.

We won't integtate payment systems to websites that are
  • violating the laws of Ukraine;

  • devoting to erotics, financial pyramids;

  • distributing unlicenced products.

We gained experience in these branches

Food industry
Construction and repair
Automotive industry
Light industry
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We are often asked

What is an electronic payment system?

A payment system is a technical service that helps to receive money from customers and transfer them to the seller (owner of a site).

Which payment system is better to choose? And what to focus on while choosing it?

A specific type of business is suitable for its "own" payment system. The choice depends on the characteristics of a product, the functionality of the site, the speed of aggregators.

To choose a suitable payment system, you should focus on these criteria:

  • Convenience of using.
  • Availability of different payment options.
  • High speed of payment.
  • Safety.
  • No commissions.
With which CMS sites can you integrate payment systems?

We integrate payment systems on websites running on popular CMS Bitrix, UMI, WordPress, OpenCart.

How long does it take to implement the payment system?

It takes from 1 to 3 days to integrate a payment system to a site, including checking the resource for compliance with the requirements of international payment systems, registering in the system, and transferring access keys to you.

What appearance should my website have for payment system implementation?

To implement the payment system, your website must meet the requirements of the international systems Visa and MasterCard. This means that the site must contain following information:

  • Full description of products and services.
  • A detailed description of the procedure for the delivery of goods or the provision of services.
  • An opportunity of goods returning.
  • Description of the procedure for returning goods or refusing services and refunds.
  • Contact support, sales, or other department that responsible for customer communication.
  • Information regarding the name or address of the legal entity (individual).
  • The cost of goods in national currency and, if necessary, its equivalent in foreign currency.
  • Privacy policy.
I need payments to arrive on the same day. Is it possible to be done?

Yes. At your request, we can connect a transactional refund service, within which payments from each transaction will be credited directly to the current account.

How much does a payment system integration to a website cost?

The total cost of integrating payment systems on a site depends on the total amount of time spent by programmers to perform work. The timing depends on the volume of requirements from a customer and the complexity of a particular project.

How to order a payment system integration to a website?

If you want to implement a payment system on your website, you need to tell us about your wishes and set us clear tasks. After that we:

  • Make an audit of a website.
  • Draw up a working plan following the tasks set.
  • Estimate the complexity of the work and, based on the estimate, we set the terms for solving problems and the cost of the service.
  • Test a website and its extensions for stable operation. After that, we will send you the final result.

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