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Transferring a website to another host:
quickly, qualitatively and efficient for you

We select a suitable tariff, we transfer a website to another hosting without visible changes for users while maintaining the functionality of the resource. We improve the performance of your site and help your business to greater momentum.

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Who is our solution for?

For small projects

It includes small online shops, blogs, personal websites, small informational portals that need to be empowered.

For popular sites with a large amount of content

Large online stores or news sites may need to be transferred to another web host.

For projects with a huge audience and huge content

If you own an online shop such as Amazon, a website of popular national or international media, its hosting may also need to be transferred to another host.
I want to launch the project

You have got a website, but there are problems while working with it

Your website is often unavailable due to server failures.
In this case, transferring a website to another host is necessary.

When is it worth transferring a site to another web host

The technical potential of the site is limited, has a low level of security.
Unstable work and high rates of current hosting.
As a result, the efficiency and opportunities of website development decrease.

What approach for transferring a website to another host do we use?

We don’t start technical optimization of the site for another hosting at the moment, but after analyzing the project for the feasibility of such a decision. If the need is confirmed, specialists start working on a project.

Why is it worth ordering transferring a website to another hosting from us?

Transferring a website to another hosting is a fine decision if your current hoster has ceased to cope with solving your business problems or the use of its services has become financially irrational. Due to the provision of this service, it is provided:

Normalization of web resource working process
Expanding opportunities to improve the site
Improving website security
Optimization of estimation for a web host using
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What does transferring a website to another hosting provide?

After transferring to another hosting, the state of the website improves, which makes it a more flexible tool in work. You not only save your project but also get the opportunity to develop it.

How we are going to work with you?

We meet the team and analyze the project
At first, we study a website and analyze an opportunity of transferring it to another hosting.
We choose a new hosting
Taking into account the complexity of a project, we choose a suitable hosting for its transferring.
We add a domain
We add a domain and attach folders to it for website file uploading.
We transfer website files
After creating a backup copy of the site, we download all the information from the old hosting and upload it to the final server.
We transfer a database of your website
We select all files from the database and export them to the new server.
We transfer e-mail accounts
This stage is relevant for those who actively use email while working.
We update files of CMS configuration
We change the settings in the system resource document and install the file to the site root on the new server for that.
We change DNS-server and transfer a domain
We connect the domain name on the new server by changing the DNS settings.
We check a website
Before turning off the domain name on the old hosting, we check the resource's performance quality.

We are helping to solve business tasks effectively

Due to transferring a website to another hosting, the functionality and convenience of the resource are expanded which helps to attract visitors to an online platform. As a result, your sales and your profit increase.


We strive to transfer your website to another hosting without losing its traffic positions as much success as possible within the capabilities available to us. But at the same time, we don’t work with all projects.

Possible to implement
  • transferring of a website of any complexity to another hosting including keeping original resource name except for a few restrictions.

We won't transfer websites to another hosting that are
  • violating the laws of Ukraine;

  • devoting to erotics, financial pyramids;

  • distributing unlicenced products.

We gained experience in these branches

Food industry
Construction and repair
Automotive industry
Light industry
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We are often asked

What is hosting and why does a website need it?

Hosting is a paid service that includes renting space on the server and its capacity. This service is provided by specialized companies - hosting providers or hosters.

What is the difference between hosting and domain?

Hosting is a place dedicated to storing site files (i.e. storage). Hosting also refers to the provision of customized services. And the domain is the name of the web resource (in other words, the storage address).

What types of hosting exist?

There are 5 basic types of hosting:

  • Virtual hosting - one server is divided into many parts, that are rented individually.
  • Virtual server - one server is divided into several parts, each of which is rented independently of the others.
  • Dedicated server - one administrator manages an entire server.
  • Cloud hosting - the number of resources paid by a customer distributed among random servers.
  • Colocation - user's servers are hosted by a hosting provider and are serviced on a paid basis.
How to choose a hosting correctly?

The decision about which hosting to choose is made based on the type of website, and its CMS, and the complexity of the project.

For small projects with website traffic of up to 10 users in 1c, virtual hosting is recommended.
For small projects with website traffic of up to 10 users in 1s and requiring expansion, a virtual private server is suitable.
For very popular and very content-heavy sites, it is worth choosing a dedicated hosting server.
For projects with a huge audience and huge content, a suitable option would be to place the files in your own data center or rent a group of dedicated servers.

How to transfer a website on WordPress to another hosting?

The process of transferring a website on Wordpress to another hosting consist of:

  1. We clarify in which folder the site files are located.
  2. We archive the folder with files and download the archive to your computer.
  3. We determine which database the site uses.
  4. We export the database from the current server.
  5. We enter to the control panel of the new hosting.
  6. Determine which folder to upload the site files to.
  7. Add a new domain to your hosting control panel.
  8. Upload the archive to the domain root folder.
  9. We import the files into the new database.
  10. Change the name of the database, user and password in the configuration file.
  11. Clearing the cache.
  12. We check the site's performance.
How to transfer a website on Bitrix to another hosting?

To transfer a Bitrix site to another hosting, do the following steps:

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Download the archive to your computer.
  3. Enter the control panel of the new hosting.
  4. Define the folder for downloading the archive.
  5. Add the domain in the control panel.
  6. Upload the archive to the domain root folder.
  7. Create a new database.
  8. Download the recovery script to the root directory.
  9. Clear the cache.
  10. Download the archive to the server root folder.
  11. Unpack the files.
  12. Delete the local backup and auxiliary scripts.
How to transfer a website on OpenCart to another hosting?

A step-by-step transfer of an OpenCart site to another hosting looks like this:

  1. We copy all site files to your hard drive.
  2. We export the site database on the old hosting. When changing the domain at the same time, we replace an old domain with a new one.
  3. Create a database on the new hosting and import data from the old hosting.
  4. Replace the database access parameters and paths to the site folders on the hosting in the files.
  5. Upload all site files to the hosting.
  6. We check if the site is working on the new hosting and admin panel.
How much does it cost to transfer a site to another hosting?

The cost of transferring a site to another hosting depends on the type of work performed, the type and size of the site, and the user's wishes.

How to order transferring a website to another hosting?

To order transferring a website to another hosting you need to tell us about your wishes and set us clear tasks. After that we::

  • Make an audit of the website..
  • Draw up a working plan following the tasks set.
  • Estimate the complexity of the work and, based on the estimate, we set the terms for solving problems and the cost of the service.
  • Test the website and its extensions for stable operation. After that, we will send you the final result.

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